The A-Spot Explained: What Is It and Where to Find It

G-spot, A-spot… How many spots are there?! Well, there are plenty of erogenous zones on a woman’s body, that’s for sure. And there seem to be more and more alphabetically-named spots as well. So we have the famous G-spot, then there is also the K-spot, and the O-spot… And, of course, the A-spot, which I’m going to talk about here.  This one is not as well known as its G-spot counterpart, which makes it also very underrated. But, on the other hand, doesn’t this make the search for it all the more exciting?  The A-spot is one such challenging little devil, a pleasure zone located deep inside the vagina, that might take a bit more practice to reach.  If you’re up to the task, I’m here to clarify and tell you what is the A-spot exactly, and of course, how to find it!  So buckle up and get ready to hit the sack as soon as you finish reading this article!  

Everything You Need to Know About the A-spot – FAQs

This spot has been mentioned for the first time in medical and sex research papers around the 1990s, and Dr. Chua Chee Ann was the one that kinda emphasized its presence in the vagina.  But, it’s not just about finding out what exactly the A-spot is and how to find it. There’s lots more along the way I want to share so the existence of this spot/zone becomes clearer.  Let’s get right into it! 

What is the A-Spot?

Granted, research info on the A-spot is even less detailed than that for the G-spot. But there are some indications for the existence of various zones of erotic sensitivity inside the vagina of most women out there.  The A-spot is a small area deeper inside the vagina, located between the cervix and the bladder. It’s also called anterior fornix erogenous zone, so if you ever stumble upon this title, you’ll know it’s actually the A-spot. It should be about two inches further back than the G-spot.  The interesting thing about the A-spot is that it’s sometimes called the “female prostate”. This is because, when we compare men’s and women’s bodies, the A-spot is located around the same area where the male P-spot or prostate is also located. 

Where is the A-Spot?

As I mentioned above, the A-spot is a bit deeper than the G-spot. It’s also located along the frontal vaginal wall (meaning on the vaginal wall facing upwards). If the G-spot is said to be 2-5 inches into the vagina, then the A-spot should be around 4-6 inches back. But, because everyone’s internal anatomy is also different, this may vary. So, sometimes it so happens that the A-spot and the G-spot conflate! Which only means one thing – double the pleasure, amirite?! 
Source: thesun.co.uk

How Can You Find the A-spot? 

Well, it’s actually kinda easier to find the A-spot if you first manage to find the G-spot. You can find more info about things related to the G-spot in my special article on the topic, including ways to locate it inside the vagina. Here I’m also going to mention the main steps to find the G-spot so you can proceed to quickly cross over to dealing with the A-spot. 

So, what you gotta do is: 

  • First insert your index finger, or middle and index finger, about 1-2 inches inside the vagina. 
  • After that, start doing the “come here” motion by simply curling your finger(s) towards your wife’s belly button. 
  • Next, you need to feel a small patch of sponge-like tissue, which should be the G-spot. 
  • Once you touch base, from here onwards you should proceed another 2 or so inches deeper into the vagina. Tip: make sure your movement is not straight up and down, but pay attention to the sides as well, going a bit left and right, mimicking a metronome type of motion. 
  • While you’re doing all of this, ask your wife how she feels. Ask her to comment on each of your movements and to tell you whether she likes them or not. If you manage to hit the A-spot, your wife should be able to feel more sensitivity in the area and more pressure. 
NOTE: You can also ask your wife/partner to do this first on herself before you set out to do it as well.  But if she doesn’t feel anything in particular on the first try, that’s also okay. It might be because your fingers (or her fingers) aren’t long enough, or that the A-spot is located deeper than you initially thought. It’s also possible that you have actually found it but that it’s not as pleasurable for your wife as she thought it would be. Again, it’s perfectly fine whatever it is, since everyone’s pleasure spots are different. You just gotta keep on working finding the right ones!  And, you can always try again if she’s up for it. You can try with a sex toy, a vibrator, or a dildo. You can try with your penis or a penis extender if you want to go extra deep and you need a little bit more mileage.  In any event, it’s important that your wife enjoys herself and wants to do it. And it definitely helps if she’s already aroused, and the A-spot simply comes as a cherry on top. 

How Does the A-spot Feel Like? 

You may think that, similarly to the G-spot, the A-spot will also have a type of texture that’ll set it apart from the vaginal tissue surrounding it. But, it’s not really like that. Unfortunately, the A-spot doesn’t really have a typical texture by which you can tell this is it. It may feel a bit spongy when you apply pressure to it, although that may not tell you much.  But the very sexy thing about the A-spot is that it’s all about wetness. When you get to stimulate this spot, you will also set into motion its sensitive tissue, in that way creating more and more lubrication.  Dr. Chua Chee Ann, the guy who helped the existence of the A-spot raise into prominence, notes in his research how this spot might help women with vaginal dryness since it prompts the vaginal lubrication reflex into motion. Does your wife experience vaginal dryness and isn’t a fan of lubes? Try stimulating the A-spot. Do you and your wife get off on her being wet, maybe? All the more reasons to find and stimulate the A-spot!  Take a look at this short comment featured in Vice on stimulating the A-spot and see what I mean: “Those of us that have experienced this type of stimulation enjoy it because of the wave of orgasms it [helps produce] and the increased moisture. Our partners love the feeling of our vaginas becoming wetter and tighter, quivering with pleasure… the slippery texture of the A-spot feels good to rub up against.”

What’s the Difference Between the A-spot and the G-spot? 

The G-spot is a small point, the size of a quarter, or a penny. The A-spot, on the other hand, is more of a zone replete with nerve endings that are responsible for the pleasurable sensations. It’s also a bit deeper than the G-spot, as I mentioned earlier, which makes it harder to reach with just fingers (helps if you’re a piano player, though). 

Can Your Partner Orgasm Solely From A-Spot Stimulation? 

Well, this kind of stimulation requires penetration, so the answer to this question is – technically yes. However, a minority of women actually manage to orgasm from vaginal penetration only, so I’d suggest you pair it with some clitoral stimulation as well.  But, it is possible for her to orgasm from deep penetration. These kinds of orgasms are reported to be more intense and might even last longer than, for example, the G-spot ones. If she likes rougher sex, and deep penetration, and also, if she has orgasmed from it in the past, chances are A-spot had something to do with it as well. 

And how about anal penetration? Can you stimulate the A-spot that way too? 

The short answer to this is, yes, you can stimulate the A-spot by anal penetration as well. This is because the anus is close to the vaginal wall. The anal cavity and the vaginal cavity are pretty close to each other, as you may have noticed by now. So it is possible to put some pressure, indirectly, on the A-spot as well, should you have anal sex, or with toys for anal sex.   But, the best way to do it is definitely through vaginal penetration, since you get to hit the area directly. 

Can You Cause Female Ejaculation By Stimulating the A-Spot? 

The questions around female ejaculation are still ongoing, but there seems to be some evidence and credible research that it does happen, and that it can be achieved in more ways than one.  What does this mean and how does it answer the question above? Well, the answer would be yes, but stimulating the A-spot would be one among many ways you can cause female ejaculation.  Other ways you can do this is with the good old clitoral stimulation, or with G-spot stimulation, and maybe even regular vaginal penetration.  Again, it’s very individual and varies from person to person, to the point that it can also sometimes occur during sex but not necessarily during an orgasm. 

How Can You Stimulate the A-Spot? Which Techniques Are the Best Ones? 

As I also mentioned earlier in this article, there are several ways you can try and find, as well as stimulate the A-spot. You can use your fingers or your partner can use her own fingers. You can also use a sex toy, a penis extender, as well as an actual penis (when it comes to stimulating the A-spot, the longer, the better, although this is definitely not a general rule for penetrative sex). 

Stimulating the A-spot With Fingers

Again, this requires longer fingers, and it sort of relies on genetic lottery. So, if you’re among the lucky, long-fingered ones, or your lady is, then read on.  When using fingers, you can do it in both missionary and doggy style. Doggy style is a bit better from the two, however, because the nature of this sex pose makes deeper penetration easier and more likely.  If she’s in the missionary position, do the following:
  • Have her insert her fingers – or you insert yours, with the palm of your hand facing upwards. Once they’re inside a couple of inches, your fingers should curl towards the navel. 
  • Look for the G-spot. Once you find it go another inch, two or more if necessary. Explore inch by inch. 
  • Don’t forget to use left-right, metronome-like movements as well, besides the long swiping-like movements. 
If she’s in the doggy position, consider doing this: 
  • Get behind her and insert your fingers (one or two) from behind, with your palm facing downwards. 
  • Curl your fingers towards the navel, again, by using the “come here” motion, and repeat the steps of locating the G-spot and then moving again, inch by inch. 

Locating the A-spot With a Vibrator or a Dildo

First of all, for this, your wife should choose a sex toy that’s at least 5 inches long. These are the ones usually reserved for deeper vaginal stimulation, aka getting to the G-spot, and especially the A-spot. Getting a slightly curved one might be an even better idea, since it serves to mimic the curled, “come here” motion of the fingers described above.  When using a toy, the steps are basically the same as the ones noted in the previous section. When using a curved toy, make sure to always keep the curve towards the upper (frontal) vaginal wall. Also, don’t forget to play with the settings and experiment until she finds something she likes best. 

Best Sex Positions for Stimulating the A-spot

Basically, when it comes to stimulating the A-spot, anything that allows for deep(er) penetration is a good option. 

Missionary 2.0

An improved take on the classic missionary position allowing for deeper penetration by buttressing your partner’s hips with a couple of pillows.  This will serve to raise your partner’s pelvis more in line with your hips and allow you to reach just the right angle for deep penetration.  Also, have her pull her knees closer to her chest, which is another great tactic to achieve deep penetration. 

The good old doggy 

Doggy is a long-beloved position by couples for several reasons. It allows for deep penetration, it’s super sexy for people into power-play since it accentuates the roles of dominant and dominated partners.  And it’s a perfect sex position for getting to that infamous A-spot!  So, the next time you set out to do doggy, have your partner shift her hips a little further back so you can enter her more deeply.  Start slow and build your way to a finale where she’ll be able to mix up the A and the O without even noticing! 

The cowgirl position 

The cowgirl position puts your woman on top. There are a couple of other versions of the cowgirl which you can also try for deep penetration. These are reverse cowgirl, where your woman isn’t facing you once she mounts. Another one is the seated cowgirl when you are sitting on a chair or another surface and your partner is sitting on top of you. And a third variant is the leaning cowgirl, where your lady props herself with her hands or elbows on a surface while being on top of you.  I suggest you start with the classic one before you move over to the others. But, then again, in the end it’s up to you and your wife to see which one works best.  This is a good sex position because it gives your partner more control over her movements and the angle of penetration.  Let her start by rocking back and forth and into semi-circular motions until she gets to her A-spot and feels herself wetter and wetter. 

Mix things up with anal through the missionary position 

This is for the ones among you who love to do anal once in a while, or pretty often for that matter.  Now, this one is a tad different take on the anal penetration, meaning it’s not done in doggy style, but in missionary.   If you remember what I wrote further up, you’ll also remember that anal intercourse can also potentially stimulate the A-spot, albeit indirectly. But if both of you are up to the task, enjoy anal, and just wanna do some exploring and experimenting, this one’s definitely the position for you.  Because the anus and the vagina are close, next to each other, by penetrating the anus, it is possible to stimulate parts of the vaginal wall as well.  So, get yourselves in the missionary position, for starters. Have your lady lift her knees a little bit, for starters. You can also try to support her ankles with your hands when you enter her. Remember to put lots of lube and generally get her really aroused when you set out to do anal because it’ll help make the whole experience less painful and more pleasurable (albeit some people get off at the pain, which is cool as well).  You can also do this with a dildo if that’s what both of you wanna try out.  Also, for extra pleasure and an element of surprise, you can throw in a finger or two and start stimulating her clit. Coupled with the A-spot, it’s sure to send her to 7th heaven and beyond! 

Final Thoughts 

Looking for pleasure spots on each other’s bodies can be a great way to improve your sex life. Oh, and did I mention it can also help you work on your intimacy and bring you closer? Put on top of that a completely new world of pleasure that may have never crossed your mind.  Sex should always be about pleasure, fun, and experimentation. So why not make your quests of the vaginal pleasure zones and spots a fun, adventurous experience too?  Different people get off at different spots and positions – it’s perfectly normal. So even if the search for the A-spot doesn’t yield any results after trying time and time again, your partner (and you too) shouldn’t get discouraged. Maybe it’s just not her thing, it doesn’t say anything about the quality of your sex life.  In any event, it doesn’t mean that you know all the secret passages of the forest you’ve trodden before. The same goes for vaginal penetration! The inside details you haven’t noticed before can be a great way to discover new pleasure spots on your wife’s body.  And this is valid even if you don’t find what you were initially looking for.  I mean, there are plenty of other erogenous zones to try out, aren’t there? The party is practically endless. Nothing like a surprise erogenous zone that you get to uncover and practice doing it best to please your lady!  

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