What’s In a Sex Podcast? 11 Best Sex Podcasts For Everyone’s Tastes

Truth is, nowadays podcasts are more popular than ever. According to Brandastic statistics, just in 2020, there are “over 155 million people who listen to a podcast every week.” Now consider that alongside the fact that “[A]round 24% of the US population (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly” – you’ve got a pretty big number there, don’t you? And when you put sex in the mix? A sex podcast? That’s double the fun – you’ve got a winner there, my friend!  

Yeah, sex podcasts are a big thing nowadays as well. There’s plenty of them out there, and that’s proof enough of their popularity and demand. Sure, not all of them are good and sometimes it’s hard to pick the gems from the common minerals… But hey, that’s why I’m here to help, right? Which is why I want to give you here the X best sex podcasts currently on the internet. 

And there’s plenty for everyone’s tastes, trust me. You’re into more direct sex talk? Some expert advice? Got it. Or maybe prefer some erotic (fan)fiction? Got you covered there as well. Want to listen to a polyamorous couple’s experiences? Find out how threesomes work? All, and much more, featured here in this carefully curated selection of sex podcasts.  

Best Sex Podcasts Currently Online – a Selection

Nerdy, superbly funny, informative, and all of it together! You can find lots of different perspectives and moods in these sex podcasts. 

I always want to look at stuff from multiple angles. And this means I always tend to choose content that’s easy to approach, but also non-judgmental in nature. Both inclusive and diverse. And that’s exactly how these selected podcasts are. 

So let’s get down to business, shall we? Skip to the fun part and take a look at each sex podcast with a short intro below. 

Turn Me On – Sex Podcast with Polyamorous Couple Jeremie and Bryde

Turn Me On is a very conveniently named sex podcast that holds nothing back. 

Meet Jeremie and Bryde, quirky 30-year olds in a polyamorous marriage who are not afraid to talk about anything related to sex, relationships, and everything in between. 

It’s an intelligent and funny podcast, with a fair amount of pillow talk to seal the deal. It covers topics from celibacy, polyamorous marriage, threesomes, anal play, cannabis use, quarantine, and whatnot. 

Besides, it features a bunch of interviews from musicians, writers, sex and relationship coaches, to regular Joes and Janes with their own share of stories. One particular account that stuck with me was from a guest named Matt who talked about how sex workers were crucial for getting rid of the feeling of shame following his Christian upbringing. Edgy right? So if you want a sex podcast that’s not afraid to talk about SEX in capital letters, then this one’s for ya. 

And even for those of you who are more conservative, I urge you not to be afraid to check it out. Even if it seems like it’s pushing the boundaries a little too much at times! In the end, you’ll see it never comes short of providing you with a thoughtful, modern, and non-judgmental look on things that actually makes sense. 

Shameless Sex – Sex Podcast with Amy and April 

Extravagant as its name, Shameless Sex delivers exactly what it stands for. And yes, that’s shameless sex, meaning – talk about sex without all the shame, guilt, and taboo we’re used to experiencing alongside it in mainstream media. 

The Shameless Sex podcast is created by two very brave and smart women going by the names of Amy Baldwin and April Lamper. Amy is a sex and relationship coach and a certified sex educator, so you might’ve already guessed she has a lot of expertise behind her, and A LOT to say on the subject of sex and pleasure. April is also a sex educator and a VP at a pleasure product company, so she also knows a thing or two about the pleasures of sex and erotica. 

Their goal is to create and open up a field where people can discuss and engage in topics about sexuality and pleasure without shame. In their weekly sex podcast, they often talk about ways you can strengthen and spice up your sex life, but also empower your relationship in general. 

Shameless Sex abounds with both the basics and more complex, nuanced topics 

Honestly, it’s a great place to start when it comes to sex advice of almost any kind. You and your partner can find the basics like how to give hand jobs or how to masturbate better, for starters. 

But you can also find more nuanced and complex subjects such as premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation (a talk with experts). Also, you can hear about sex-positive parenting and how to work on your sex life and intimacy when you have kids. There’s also talks on why great sex can mean much more than just an orgasm, how it is to have sex while suffering from chronic pain, and so on and so on. And it’s not just simple coverage of these topics! There’s also actual advice on what you can do about it, suggestions, tips on what actions you can take and better your sex life. 

Basically, there’s lots of it in there – for everybody. 

Off the Cuffs – Kink and BDSM Oriented Sex Podcast With Dick Wound and Minimus Maximus 

Yeah, you read that right. I’d listen to this podcast just for the sake of the names of its hosts and creators if nothing else. Hey, I mean, with Dick Wound and minimus maximus, what can go wrong? 

But, jokes aside, there’s plenty to find out in this sex podcast, especially for BDSM and kink enthusiasts and practitioners. 

The hosts call in new guests every week where they freely discuss everything related to kink and BDSM. How people got into it in the first place, the most important things you have to know in these practices (like consent and communicating well), the kink scenes they’ve been a part of, etc. You can also find how to manage your fetishes and kinks in your marriage or relationship, as well as tons of info on all the different practices these umbrella terms encompass. Everything from “the sensual to the sadistic and the bizarre to vanilla”, as their site description suggests. 

The great thing about a sex podcast such as this one is that it’s very liberating. The guests are all pretty open about their sex lives and their fetishes. And, they’re very, VERY varied, I’ll tell you that. 

Nothing is off-limits for Off the Cuffs. So if you’re just getting into BDSM and kink, or have already indulged in its rich world, Off the Cuffs might just be the perfect sex podcast for ya. 

We Gotta Thing – Swingin’ Hot Sex Podcast With Mr. and Mrs. Jones 

Mr. and Mrs. Jones sounds like a hot couple from a spy movie. In reality, we’re talking about a swingers couple who’ve been together for more than 30 years. Yes, a couple who’s decided to redefine their relationship after their kids have grown up and become more independent. 

Their credo is: “We believe in emotional monogamy and sexual non-monogamy”,  which I think is very nicely put and it tells you all you need to know about their relationship. 

The Joneses are very keen on sharing their take on what it means to have a non-monogamous marriage. They hope that their experiences, along with all the good and bad sides of it, will help other couples navigate these exciting, but also challenging waters of a different kind of marital life. 

So, I can safely say this is your perfect swingers sex podcast. I mean, if you’re thinking about getting into this lifestyle or if you’re already in it. You can find advice on how to make the perfect dating profile for swingers and what it takes to be a successful swinger. There are also topics on swinging in your later years, how to avoid disappointments, and a lot, lot else on these enticing matters. 

Fangasm – Sex Podcast for the Fan Fiction Obsessed

TV nerds in the world – unite! I’ve found the perfect sex podcast for your sexy storyline hungry fan brains. Yep, it’s Fangasm, a very aptly named fan-fiction sex podcast that covers your favorite characters and stories from beloved TV shows and films. 

Hosted by three very sympathetic Chicagoans, Fangasm currently features erotic fan fiction on Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and… The Office. So, if you and your partner are TV buffs, but also want to make up wild stories about your favorite characters’ sexual adventures and connections, then Fangasm is the place to visit, for sure. 

Bawdy Storytelling – Real Life Sexual Adventures With Dixie De La Tour

Sexual folklorist – that’s how the creator of this podcast, Dixie De La Tour, describes herself. And she’s not far from the truth. 

Originating from live shows on the West Coast, Bawdy Storytelling features a true wealth of sex stories from people across the states, the topics being almost endless. 

This is owed to the same wealth of characters proliferating throughout the podcast and live shows. Actors, poets, comedians, sex therapists, regular people with their own crazy kinks, and stories all show up in Bawdy Storytelling. And they love giving their own take on what it means to be a sexual being in this world, with all the messy and nitty-gritty details of pleasure and embarrassment that come along with it. 

So, in an episode aptly named “Succubus”, you get to hear about a certain “audible pop”, an eye blood vessel bursting in the middle of sex, and the woman (Jessica) asking her partner whether he still managed to come or not. Yeah, these stories are entertaining as hell, and you won’t find a single grain of judgment or condemnation coming out of them. 

I bet when you finish listening to even a couple of Bawdy Storytelling’s sex podcasts, you’ll be eager to share your own exceptional, funny, and even bizarre stories of sex, lust, and love. 

Savage Lovecast – Listen to the Wise Words of Veteran Sex Advice Columnist and Author Dan Savage 

Dan Savage is a well-known columnist who’s been writing on sex and relationships since the 1990s. San started his “Savage Love” column in The Stranger, a Seattle alternative weekly newspaper. It has since then been syndicated to over 50 papers throughout the US and Canada. 

Savage Lovecast brings a variety of topics to the fore, and since Dan is a happily married gay man, you can expect to find lots of LGBT topics as well. But his sex podcast isn’t limited to only queer people, of course. 

Savage’s podcast often includes callers who pose questions anonymously. He often calls the people who’ve left their number and talks with them. And yes, all of this is being featured in the podcast. Savage also invites sex-positive guests as co-hosts and for the more difficult questions. He tends to consult with sex therapists, doctors, and a range of other experts in sex and relationships for more specific and professional advice. 

He also invites guests, but this is usually featured in the so-called Magnum episodes. These are about 80-minute long and require a subscription. But the Micro episodes are totally free and they last around 50 minutes (including ads). 

The great thing about Dan’s sex podcast is how inclusive and modern it is. His views and sex advice have remained empathetic and relevantt for all these 30 years that they’ve been on-air and in print. 

Celestial Sex – Sex Podcast With Chris Duce For People Growing Up Religious

When I set out to compile this list of sex podcasts I said to myself I had to make it as diverse and inclusive as possible. And that also means including a podcast that deals with people struggling with religious dogmas and overly conservative upbringings where sex was a major taboo. 

The host, Chris Duce, has gone through a Mormon upbringing himself, which means he’s more than capable of directly empathizing with people from similar backgrounds, as well as giving a first-hand account of his experiences regarding religion and questioning beliefs about sex and love. 

Celestial Sex is structured in the form of interviews. Each episode is usually connected to a particular guest that has also been raised Mormon. Some of them have since lapsed, became atheists, or stuck to their faith but managed to talk about sex in a more open way. The host and the guests (people from the entertainment industry and also regular people) talk about how it is to grow up in a very religious family or social setting. The share the awkward conversations they had with their parents and important religious figures in their lives. And they also don’t shy away from talking about their first sexual experiences, how they view sex now, etc. 

Honestly, it’s pretty rare to find a sex podcast that combines religion, sex, and love so adeptly and so wisely as Celestial Sex does it. I highly recommend it for those of you interested in these topics. 

I mean where else will you have the chance to listen to a young woman who’s a feminist Mormon giving you a list of reading suggestions where the first on the list is I Love Dick by Chris Kraus? 

My Dad Wrote a Porno – Sex Podcast About Erotic Fiction From a British Father Hosted by His Son and Two of His Friends

I mean, I think you can tell from the title that this will be a hilarious sex podcast! Besides, I dare you to listen to it while you’re riding the subway and trying to keep a straight face. Won’t work, trust me. 

So how’s this a sex podcast? Well, it’s actually about erotic fiction. There are three hosts, James Cooper, Jamie Morton, and Alice Levine. Morton’s dad (with his pen name Rocky Flinstone) is the one that wrote the series of erotic fiction going by the title of “Belinda Blinked”. (I also love the title). So, in each episode Morton reads his father’s book series while his two friends listen intently and regularly intervene by cracking a joke, giving a comment, or posing a question in regard to the narrative. 

The sometimes awkward prose adds to the charm and is saved by the wit and sheer love shared between the hosts and the work in question.

I urge you to start from the beginning, and make sure you don’t miss a single chapter from the books!

Oh, and before I finish yammering about it, I also mustn’t forget mentioning how My Dad Wrote a Porno has a host of celebrities as fans. Elijah Wood, Daisy Ridley, Michael Sheen, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Nicholas Hoult are just some of the names among them. Top that with 250 million podcast downloads, an HBO comedy special, and two sell-out world tours, and you definitely have a surprise smash hit of a podcast. 

Sex and Psychology – Sex Podcast From a Scientific Point of View

This one’s fresh out of the oven, folks. Perhaps you’ve already encountered the name of Justin Lehmiller throughout my articles. 

Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a social psychologist and Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. He writes and researches a lot about sex and relationships, and even has a blog on which he regularly writes, called Sex and Psychology

Now he also has a podcast which is great news for us all, the first episode being launched at the end of March 2020. So what can you expect from it? Lots and lots of professional advice for starters. There are lots of talks with other scientists and relationship experts. You can hear opinions on why good sex matters as well as get some info on the neuroscience of pleasure. Interested in finding out how to maintain your intimate life during lockdown? Or how ADHD affects people’s relationships and sex life? Lehmiller has it covered, with other very interesting modern topics. 

So if you want a bit more of the expert advice on sex, love, and relationships, and you want a Dr. or PhD in front of the host’s name, then I guess you’ve hit the jackpot with this one. 

Authentic Sex – Straight to the Point Sex Podcast With Sexologist Juliet Allen

Dive deep into sex talk with sexologist Juliet Allen. There’s plenty for everyone in her podcast so I think if you decide on this one, you definitely won’t be the one drawing the short straw. 

Allen likes to talk about how to have hot sex. I mean, after all, she is a sexologist, Tantra Practitioner, and head teacher at something called Pleasure School™. And, she also likes to consider the ways you can achieve a deeper emotional connection with your partner. 

Allen’s style is really on-point. What I especially like about her podcast is that she covers lots and lots of topics. Looking for advice on keeping sex alive in long term relationships? There! Wondering how to juggle sex and parenthood? Also, there. Want to uncover the secrets for a healthy and happy marriage, or reduce stress and get back your sex drive? Yep, she’s got it covered. And who wouldn’t want to hear about an ancient Tantric practice of non-ejaculation for men and why we should enjoy it? Or about the secrets of “a well-fucked woman”, an episode in which I was particularly interested. 

Some podcasts are only with Allen sharing her expertise on a particular subject, and others feature her colleagues and other experts in all things related to sex, relationships, and love. 

If you’re ready to be empowered in embracing your sexual self and transform your sexual and intimate relationship with your partner, then Authentic Sex is the place to visit. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you got turned on, or a bit confused in terms of marriage, relationships, and human sexuality from these podcasts, there’s no harm done, I assure you. Even if you heard something you didn’t want to, there’s always something to be gained in learning a new thing about our varied sex lives and our takes on relationships.

By the way, if you’re more interested in love and relationship-based podcasts, whose narrow specialty is couples therapy, then, by all means, make sure to check out my article on the 8 Best Couples Therapy Podcasts. 

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