FaceTime Sex Positions for Long-Distance Relationships

If you’re looking for FaceTime sex positions, you already know that long-distance relationships can be a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to the sex part. 

Without the physical presence of your significant other, you can often feel lonely, even in the best relationships. 

Obviously, folks, this can be overcome. 

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, an era with unprecedented technological development that allows for a variety of connections between people who are thousands of miles away. 

Another issue is the current situation concerning the coronavirus crisis. Found yourself in lockdown, your partner stuck somewhere at the other end of the world, and both of you yearning for some physical contact? 

Well, if this is the case, long-distance sex is definitely something you should put on the table (if you already haven’t). 

And I’m here to give you ideas for the best FaceTime sex positions for long-distance relationships. All with the good intention of reconnecting with your partner while being physically separated!

How to Have FaceTime Sex – the Best FaceTime Sex Positions for Long-Distance Relationships 

You can look at FaceTime sex the same way you look at regular sex – you can practice different positions, enact some fantasies, wear sexy lingerie, use sex toys… whatever you usually do in your sex life. In fact, this is highly encouraged, since it brings some versatility and excitement in the genre of virtual sex. 

FaceTime sex can be really sexy because it has that voyeuristic component that, for example, mutual masturbation and watching porn together offer as well. 

It can be really arousing watching your partner get off and please themselves on camera, can’t it? 

Plus, facetime sex really opens up space between the two of you to discuss desires and what turns you on. 

So, next, let’s explore a little of what might be some of the sex positions you can use for your next long-distance sex video call! 

For Those of You Having Trouble Getting Naked in Front of the Camera…

Well, there are a couple of things you can do if you’re struggling with first-time camera nakedness anxiety. 

Start by Showing Your Face Only 

Showing only your face while you’re both masturbating on camera can be a real turn-on. 

Try putting your phone really close to your face, and maybe just allow your partner a little peek at your shoulders, so they can also have a look at the movement of your hands. 

This is sexy because it lets the imagination run wild – your partner can see your face as you get more and more aroused and they’ll also get to see your orgasm face. 

All of the other parts are a mystery to them! They don’t know what’s going on down below, and all they get to see is a bit of shoulder movement.

The rest is up to their imagination! This type of FaceTime sex can be very intimate, and it helps show just how vulnerable you can be with each other. 

Do It While You’re in the Bathtub 

Another way you can break the ice when it comes to first time FaceTime sex or first-time long-distance sex is by doing it while you’re in the bathtub. 

This is recommended because when you’re in the tub you feel more “naturally” naked, and your body is somewhat covered by the water and bubbles in the tub. 

Now, I realize this might be logistically a tad more complicated, but it can be lots of fun as well. 

Try positioning your laptop or your phone away from the water, at a safe distance, and also make sure NOT to plug it in, under any circumstances, unless you want to risk electrocution (that’ll take all the fun out of it, for sure)! 

You can do this while both of you are in the tub, or even just one of you, whatever way suits you better.  

Take as much time as you need to get into the mood, especially if it’s your first time, and maybe even try using a toy (waterproof, of course), if you’re up for it. 

If you don’t have a tub, you can also do this in the shower without worrying that it’ll take the sexiness away. 

For example, you can point the camera at the lower part of your body, and try pleasing yourself; your partner can do this with the showerhead, which, reportedly, can feel really darn nice and sexy.  

Use Toys

You can use toys for a variety of sexual positions and experiments – whether you’re alone or with your partner, they can be a great helping hand and can serve to enhance the pleasure. 

So I encourage you not to shy away from using toys in your sex life, and especially when it comes to long-distance relationships. 

Both of you can use toys to pleasure yourself but you can also use them to pleasure one another through the wonderful invention of remote-controlled sex toys. 

Use a Remote Controlled Toy 

As I already mentioned, we’re lucky, we live in the 21st century, so we’ve got friends like FaceTime and remote-controlled toys to make us feel like our partner is right by our side when we want to get down and dirty.  

Of course, your hands are always there for you when you need them, but remote-controlled toys can bring a lot of novelty and even mystery into the self-pleasing genre. They can also make the long-distance sex experience, or should I say, sexperience, much more fun. 

And there’s plenty of choice for everyone. For you guys, there’s the possibility of a remote-controlled cock ring and cups, prostate massagers, vibrating plugs. 

For your female partners, there are G-spot vibes, bullet vibrators, panty vibrators, dildo vibrators. 

Also, there are toys and plenty of options for most body parts and erogenous zones, so you don’t have to limit yourself to the usual. 

For your female partners: you can find a list of the best remote-controlled vibrators for long-distance sex by clicking the link. 

Also, you can check out the products of We-Vibe, who produce one of the best wireless and remote-controlled sex toys on the market! All you need is the We-Connect app and you’re both set to go! 

But, I suggest you do a little research on your own as well and figure out what both of you are into.  

Direct Your Own Long-Distance Sexy Time Scenario 

Another way to spice up long-distance sex is to come up with your own sexy scenarios. 

You could, for example, do little power-play BDSM games where you tell each other what to do. 

Depending on who usually (or for that particular night) wants to be the more dominant one, you can tell your partner to take off their clothing, piece by piece. 

Or you can tell them to dress a particular way, to do a certain movement (like, touch her breasts or the like), use a toy a particular way, moan when you want her to, etc. 

And you can make it even hotter if you delay each other’s orgasms – just try to stretch it as much as you can, even setting up a rule for your partner that they can’t come unless (and when) you tell them they can. She can do all of this to you if you like to be dominated more. 

Try Phone Sex 

Instead of experimenting with FaceTime sex positions, why don’t you try the good old phone sex – voice only! 

Remember the time when this was the only possible option for long-distance sex? Well, now you can enjoy a bit of nostalgia by suggesting phone sex instead of FaceTime sex. 

This kind of sex play really allows your voice and your words, but also your non-verbal sounds, to shine. You can use the power of your rhythmic breathing to turn your partner on and let them guess what you’re doing just judging by the sounds you’re making to the phone’s mic. 

This is also a great chance to share sex fantasies and desires about any sex positions that have crossed your mind(s). 

Whether it’s more or less detailed, it’s up to you, but there’s definitely something really sexy when you’re talking about what you’d do to your partner if they were there physically or the next time you see them. 

And, a great suggestion I stumbled upon when reading about this topic is to actually try and focus on pleasuring yourself when you’re doing phone sex. 

Just forget about the phone and allow your body to work uninhibited. You can even place the phone a bit further away from you (but not so far that your partner won’t be able to hear you). 

This will make the sounds a bit more muffled and will help add to the mystery. 

Dim the Lights and Let Imagination Run Its Course 

A variant of this is the erotic silhouette sex – when you allow your partner to only see dim parts of you and your silhouette and nothing else! They will have to figure out what’s going out from your movements. 

For this, you will have to turn off the lights in your home or dim them to really low. Your movements and moans will drive them crazy guessing. And just you wait until you orgasm! That’ll really seal the deal. 

Try Different FaceTime Sex Positions in Front of the Camera 

You can tell your partner, for example, to sit on their knees in front of their device camera but face the camera with their bum. 

This way you’ll be able to watch your wife play with herself (or use a toy) from behind. This can be a really hot point of view because you get to see stuff from a tad different angle than what you’re used to on a camera. 

Another thing you can try is to take matters into your own hands and bring the camera really close to your genitals. 

This ultra-explicit close up of your genitals will feel like a really exclusive porn show. Your partner (and vice-versa) will get to see you touching and pleasuring yourself without much other context. 

Sexy, right? 

Take Turns Into Being a Cam Star 

Consider this a form of sexual roleplay. Why not both (or one of you) be cam stars for the night? 

Put on your sexiest boxers or whatever types of briefs or trunks you wear, have your wife put on her best lingerie, and begin! 

Organize a private porn show for each other. Start to tease the viewer (voyeur) on the other side, undress slowly, and then stop midway until they beg you to continue undressing. 

Be however dirty you want, and surrender the control to your partner if that’s what it takes to make both of you horny as hell. Otherwise, keep ‘em guessing and let your imagination guide you. 

In any event, beats binge-watching a Netflix show all night, doesn’t it? 

Final Thoughts

Ideally, you would be with your partner right now, enjoying all the privileges of physical sex. But circumstances have you physically separated and that’s not an option right now. 

So why not use the benefits of technology and still remain sexually satisfied even when you’re miles away?

Who says that you can’t be intimate with your partner even in a long-distance relationship? Who says you can’t have great sex as well? 

Try out these FaceTime sex positions with your spouse/partner and see how long-distance can also be hot as hell!

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