The G-Spot Explained

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Oh, the G-spot – that ultimate unknown! 

The G-spot is arguably the most contested and controversial phenomenon when it comes to female pleasure. It’s been a topic of conversation since the 1940s. Possibly it may even date back to the 17th century when a Dutch physician got interested in women’s erogenous zones. 

Up until this very day, there’s actually no precise definitions of the G-spot. From a particular spot on the anterior walls of the vagina to a whole zone, they kinda tend to vary. Where is the G-spot, many wonder?

I understand how hard it is to weed out useful information amid all this confusion. And that’s why I decided to write this article for you, just to clarify some stuff. So here you can expect to find info on:

  • Just what experts consider to be (or not to be!) the G-spot – aka what is the G-spot exactly;
  • Tips on how to find the G-spot;
  • Which positions you can try to stimulate it and give your lady some potentially mind-blowing orgasms! 

What is the G-Spot? 

Okay, so the G-spot is usually defined as an erogenous zone or area of the vagina, which when stimulated, can even cause female ejaculation. It’s supposed to be located somewhere around 2-3 inches or 5-8 centimeters in the vagina, on its anterior wall, between the opening of the vagina and the urethra. It’s supposed to be a very sensitive area, and some consider it to be a part of the female prostate. 

Dr. Beverly Whipple, an eminent sexologist (now retired), was the one who first introduced the term G-spot in a published journal in 1980. Its name comes as an homage to Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist. He was a guy who researched female urethral stimulation and was an early proponent of the existence of the G-spot. 

What Dr. Whipple thought was that by using a particular motion of the fingers, commonly called the “come here” motion, you could stimulate the G-spot inside the vagina. If correctly stimulated, it can help women achieve orgasm during penetrative sex.  

But that’s only the beginning of the story… 

As the years went by, it turned out that’s just a tiny piece of the puzzle. The G-spot may not be a particular button that you can just push and voila, help your partner reach a mindblowing orgasm. It may not even be a very distinct part of the female vaginal anatomy. 

So, what is the G-spot? And where is the G-spot? 

Instead, the G-spot is considered to be a part of a network – the clitoral network which is vast and intricate (as any network is). The clitoris you see on your girl is only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath there’s a whole mountain to be explored, responsible for your woman’s a’s and o’s. 

So, what this means is that when you think you’re stimulating the G-spot, what you’re actually stimulating is a part of the clitoris. You’re touching upon its underwater mountain range – its vast, intricate network of nerves and tissue. Researchers in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2018 attempted to find the specific location of the G-spot. What was their result? It turned out that there isn’t one specific location. 

Each vaginal anatomy is slightly different. The way the clitoris is positioned varies from woman to woman. And this goes both for its outside and its network on the inside. So, if you want to find the G-spot you’ll need to do a bit of exploration, no doubt.  

The clitoris may also, in part, encircle the urethra (as it does the vagina), which is why when you think you’re stimulating the G-spot, you’re actually stimulating an inner part of the clitoris. 

The G-spot is located at the meeting point of the clitoris, urethra, and vagina, which all contain their spots for producing pleasurable sensations (or good vibrations, as the Beach Boys would say!) once properly stimulated. But the thing is, when setting off to stimulate the G-spot, the sensations that your woman might feel can be a reflection of the stimulation of one of those structures or a combination of them. Most likely it gets down to the female prostate and the clitoral network. The female prostate is a part of the urethra – it’s located in the urethral sponge which is a tissue surrounding the urethra. This is a tissue with a lot of nerves in it, which is why it’s so sensitive to stimulation.  

The Male G-Spot – Where Is the Male G-Spot? 

Men are also considered to have a G-spot which is actually called a P-spot since it has to do with the prostate. As you already know, the prostate is a small gland located under the bladder. It’s function is not primarily for pleasure, although when properly stimulated, it does give you some pretty powerful orgasms! 

But, that’s a topic for another article I plan to tackle one of these days.  

How to Find the G-Spot

The G-spot can be a bit hard to find – there isn’t a proper map for it on the female body! No wonder there’s been a decades-long dilemma about where the G-spot is! But, this shouldn’t discourage you – look at it as another challenge, an exciting novelty, a hidden treasure that your wife or girlfriend possesses and it’s up to you to find it! 

That being said, when first setting out to find the G-spot, I encourage you to just forget about penetration at first. Instead, encourage your wife, partner, or girlfriend to do some exploration on her own before you set out to find it together, so she can tell you what she likes and give you a few pointers where she likes to be touched. Or, alternatively, you can put in one or two fingers in your partner’s vagina and set out from there. You or she can also use sex toys if you find it more convenient. 

Of course, your partner should be totally comfortable with the whole thing. She should be relaxed and when she feels ready you (or she herself) can begin the quest by gently massaging the opening of the vagina and then inserting fingers. 

Be persistent 

You can use the “come here” motion to stimulate the tissue around the urethra – something that’s aptly called “urethral sponge”, which should begin to swell when stimulated. Now, remember that different women need a different amount of time being stimulated so they can orgasm – so make sure to let your woman guide you in that! If you’re both serious about finding the G-spot, take as much time as you need and be devoted to stimulating the area to find her exact pleasure spot. 

Also, bear in mind that some women just won’t care about it or won’t find it satisfactory to be stimulated there. And that’s totally ok. There isn’t one way to get aroused or be pleasured or reach an orgasm. There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to sex! 

The majority of women orgasm mostly (and most consistently) through clitoral stimulation, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind during sex! 

Sexual Positions to Find the G-Spot

If you’ve managed to find the G-spot with your fingers, well congrats! And now you want to see if that will work with penetration as well, right? Or maybe you want to try and find it solely through sexual intercourse? Well, there are some sex positions that work better than others. 

It all comes down to having more control over the movements you and your girl make because ultimately they will tell you the type of stimulation she enjoys the most. So here are some of the best sex positions you can try to find the G-spot! 

Doggy position

Turns out that this popular sex position can help you stimulate the G-spot as well! This is not that surprising though, considering it allows for deeper penetration and it allows you to change the angle so you can nail the location of the G-spot perfectly! 

I know most of you guys reading this know what a doggy position is and how to do it (duh!), but pardon me if I repeat myself a little bit; perhaps you’ve missed a few crucial details and maybe this here can help you revise! (just joking)

But, it’s a good idea to remind your lady to swoosh her hips back a little bit (from time to time) so she can try and find the angle that’ll be most convenient for her pleasure. 

Another variation of this position you can try out is when your partner lays flat on her stomach and her legs are dangling off the edge of the bed. This way you can also use the angle to penetrate her from behind. 

Cowgirl position

This one can be a pretty sexy position and it’s a lot of women’s favorite, considering it can help them reach orgasm during penetrative sex. It also works pretty well for stimulating the G-spot. 

So, you also probably know this position as well. For one thing, it gives your girl total control over the angle and depth of penetration. It also gives her control over the rhythm of the movement. And another thing you can do is tell your girl she can try going back and forth, instead of going up and down. This is a good way to stimulate the inner wall of the vagina. 

Going faster or slower and occasionally changing angles – all of that helps find her exact pleasure spot, so don’t hesitate to experiment together! 

Missionary position (et al.)

The good old missionary position never gets off the sex menu – and it shouldn’t! After all, it’s a classic. You can always try the missionary position and you can also add a little twist to it.

Try straddling your partner’s legs and squeezing them more tightly, or get your lady to put her legs around your waist more tightly. This can create even more friction against the G-spot.  

Legs in the air 

Another variety of this is for you to crouch on your knees. Your partner can then lift her legs way up to your shoulders. 

This kind of penetration is deep and powerful. The angle of your partner’s body will make the stimulation of the G-spot easier. 

She can also try having one leg on your shoulder and the other flat on the bed. And you yourself can try and change the way you sit occasionally. You can try sitting more upright or leaning forward. You can also try bending your partner more. 

Final Words – Is the G-Spot Real or Not? 

The G-spot is real but that doesn’t mean that you can find it in all women on the planet. It also doesn’t mean that all women find this kind of stimulation pleasurable. 

It absolutely doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the woman if she’s not enjoying the quest for her G-spot. Stimulating the g-spot is an activity that’s psychological as much as it is physiological. Sex, in general, is the same. So there’s no right or wrong way to find and receive pleasure (as long as it’s consensual). 

When you’re wondering how to find the G-spot make sure you’re on the same page. When you actually set out on a mission to do it, make sure your partner feels comfortable with it. It’s her own body after all! 

If locating the G-spot isn’t her thing, then there are plenty of other ways to achieve orgasm. Be creative as a couple and listen to each other!  

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