The Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

A lot of men out there don’t really think about the prostate unless something goes wrong with it. But it’s actually a pretty important organ in our bodies. And I don’t know how many of you have heard of massaging that part of your body, but turns out that there are some health benefits of prostate massage. 

Yep, as it turns out catering to that small part of your body, might actually bring big results in the end. From alleviating symptoms of inflammation to fighting erectile dysfunction, as well as providing pleasure, prostate massage is definitely something you should consider doing. 

Naturally, I wanted to find out more. And that’s why I opted for this article. I’ll look more into the health benefits of prostate massage and tell you all about it! 

What is the prostate? 

Well, from both biological sex, only men have prostates. The prostate is a gland,  pretty small one, approximately the size of a golf ball or a walnut, and it’s located inside our bodies, just below the bladder. It’s sort of in an in-between position, clutched between the penis (the base, where it begins from the inside) and the rectum. The urethra also passes through it, carrying the semen and other fluids for ejaculation and urination.  

Source: en.wikipedia.org

What does it do exactly?

Well, the prostate’s main task is to produce fluid which is part of the semen. It’s actually pretty good at making the sperm survive better ин the environment of the female vagina. 

Prostate cancer and prostate exam

Yeah, there’s a downside to it. Except for a type of skin (non-melanoma) cancer, the prostate is “the most common cancer among men in the United States.” This is especially important for older men, above the age of 60 or 65. But, also men above 50 should definitely talk with their doctor about having a prostate exam. The same goes for men aged 45 or above who are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer (due to family history of the disease, for example). 

That’s why getting regular checkups is always a good idea. It’s actually a pretty standard procedure and it doesn’t take very long. 

First, you get yourself to a doctor. They put on gloves and insert a finger into your rectum so they can feel the prostate. What they’re looking for, and hoping not to find, are any tangible abnormalities of the tissue, such as lumps, spots that are harder, and other abnormalities. Even though you might feel a slight discomfort in the beginning, it’s nothing to fuss about – it’s not like it’s painful. The exam itself won’t cause any damage to your prostate. 

Okay, and where does prostate massage fit into all of this? 

Well, there is some indication that massaging your prostate can bring certain health benefits to your genital health and wellbeing. 

By massaging your prostate, you help it get rid of any excess fluid that roams around the prostate ducts. Especially if there’s any swelling to it or if you feel pressure (because of inflammation or enlargement of the prostate, for example). 

And because the prostate gland and urethra are connected, if you have problems with your prostate, sometimes they can cross over to urinary function. Enlarged prostate, for example, makes you pee often. 

So next I want to talk about the health benefits of prostate massage and see where that takes us. 

Read on! 

Health Benefits of Prostate Massage 

Let’s take a look at what prostate massage can do for your health. 

Prostate Massage for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is something that can bother men across all age groups, at any time of their lives. It can be occasionally or it can be persistent. It depends on a lot of things, such as lifestyle factors, diet, blood circulation, and so on. 

There are treatments for ED (as erectile dysfunction is commonly abbreviated). One of the most commonly prescribed medications are sildenafil, or better known by the name Viagra and tadalafil, also called Cialis. 

There is also stuff like pumps, implants, ED shots, and the like. Having a healthier lifestyle, which means exercising, eating better, and doing pelvic floor exercises aka Kegel exercises can all help fight ED. 

And another possible solution is prostate massage. There isn’t much scientific evidence about this – it’s actually more anecdotal, but it’s definitely worth a shot. 

The theory, basically, is that the potential benefits lie in how prostate massage improves your blood flow. When you come down to it, erections happen because of a good blood flow. So, if you happen to increase that blood flow somehow, it might also lead to better erections. 

Prostate Massage Can Help to Improve Urine Flow 

Under “normal”, healthy circumstances, when you pee, urine should come out in a nice, steady stream, without any interruptions. 

But, when you have an inflammation or you have an enlarged prostate, then the flow of urine can become cut-off or slowed down. That’s because the prostate irritates the bladder above it, as well as the urethra (since it passes through it), making them unable to do their job well.   

If you’re experiencing issues with urine flow, you can also try doing Kegel exercises for men (I put a link to my special article on the topic above). 

So if you manage to curb the inflammation of your prostate, you’ll also take care of the troubles you’re having with proper urine flow. 

Prostate Massage May Be Able to Help People Suffering from Painful Ejaculation 

Okay, this doesn’t happen that often. But to those that it does happen, it’s a real, real bummer. Painful ejaculation can be the result of an STD, inflammation of the urethra, the prostate, or the seminal vesicles, as well as a thing called epididymis which is a tube located near the testicles whose job is to store sperm and transport it as well. Also, painful ejaculation may be a sign of your ejaculatory duct being blocked. 

And as it turns out, massaging your prostate may prove to be beneficial in this case as well. Especially if the problem has to do with your inflamed prostate, it may help you have less painful ejaculations. 

And here is another condition where Kegel exercises may also do you good. This is because painful ejaculation can be caused by tight pelvic floor muscles, which, again, can be a result of an infection or inflammation of the prostate. 

So if you do this as a combo, together with both the Kegel exercises and the prostate massage – well you might be doing your penis a big favor. Consult with a medical professional for the best results on this. 

Prostate Massage May Help With Prostatitis 

Maybe you can already tell by its name, but prostatitis is up to no good. It’s actually a pretty common inflammation that happens to the prostate gland because of a bacterial infection. 

And the symptoms can range from burning sensations during urination, ejaculation pain, slow or insufficient flow of urine, as well as feelings of discomfort in the perineum area, in front of the rectum, and behind the scrotum. 

Of course, the primary treatment for a bacterial infection is antibiotics and the so-called NSAIDs, aka non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. But there are some doctors that have also “prescribed” prostate massage (a couple of times a week) along with them, as a way of achieving even better results in the end. Prostate massage can help alleviate the swelling and the pressure that builds up as a result of remaining fluids in the prostate. 

Prostate Massage Can Give You a Relief of Symptoms Related to an Enlarged Prostate


If you have troubles with an enlarged prostate, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s a very common condition. Its prevalence “the general population” is about 25%, and as you get older your chances only become stronger of developing an enlarged prostate. For men under 40 it’s pretty rare to have, while if you’re over 50, aka ages 51-60, then almost 50% of you will have it. And men aged over 80, well about 90% have it, actually. 

But don’t worry. While it may be uncomfortable, an enlarged prostate is not dangerous. The symptoms can be similar to prostatitis, like urine retention, or inability to hold off urine and urinating many times a day.  

An enlarged prostate can be treated and there are different ways to do this. Lifestyle changes, for one, are usually recommended. This means avoiding alcohol and caffeine or ingesting too much liquid. Bladder training, aka urinating on a schedule, might also work. 

Kegel exercises are another thing you can do. And then there are also medications, such as Alpha Blockers, whose job is to relax the muscle fibers present in the bladder and prostate. This, in turn, will increase the amount of urine flow and won’t make you pee too frequently. 

Another class of these drugs, going by the name of Alpha Reductase Inhibitors, also sometimes used. It works by blocking the hormones that are responsible for the swelling of the prostate.

There are also some “minimally invasive procedures”, as the Yale doctors call them, and surgery, but I won’t get into them here. 

And, of course, there’s the prostate massage. A small study from 2006 shows a promising combination of medications and prostate massage to treat urinary retention and provide relief for the symptoms. 

Prostate Massage Can Give You Pleasure 

Yes, the prostate is often considered as the male G-spot. But why is this so? 

Well, yeah, it’s a good question why when you’re stimulating your prostate it feels so good. 

But it’s actually pretty simple. The anus and its surroundings actually have lots and lots of nerve endings. And that’s also the reason why some people, both men, and women, gay or straight enjoy anal play. 

The prostate itself also has a large number of blood vessels. When you get aroused, they swell with blood. There’s an increase in blood flow in the area, which in turn makes it much more sensitive. And all of this can boost pleasurable sensations. 

The trouble with anal sex play is that it’s often stigmatized. Straight guys especially have trouble even considering trying it out. And even if they thought about it, they’re often pretty reluctant to share this desire with their partner out of the fear they’re not being “man enough” or whatever. Well, the gay guys are certainly out there having all the fun, and why shouldn’t you too? 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to try anal play and prostate massage with your partner. Just look at it as any other sexual novelty you wanted to try out, a new way to experience pleasure. Trying out new stuff is more normal than being all stiff and closed about it. And if you don’t like it, you can always not do it again, right? There’s no harm in that as long as you and your partner listen to each other and respect each other’s boundaries. 

There is a difference between prostate and penis orgasms 

That’s another thing to consider. The prostate orgasms. Some men claim that they can orgasm solely from prostate stimulation! Which may or may not result in ejaculation as well. 

And how is this a health benefit, you would ask? Well, more orgasms are always good for your overall health, including your prostate. 

A 2016 study from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows that “frequent ejaculation throughout adult life” showed that men were “less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.” 

So there is a connection between having more orgasms and ejaculating more throughout your life and preventing prostate cancer. Cheers to that! 

Final Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Prostate Massage 

Okay, so before I conclude with this article, I just wanna say a few things more. First of all, I think that as long as there aren’t serious drawbacks to trying a new therapeutic method out, it’s definitely worth a shot. But, it’s also pretty important to inform yourself first on what you need to do and to know the potential risks that might come out of it. 

While there aren’t many risks with trying prostate massage, you should always first consult with a professional – a urologist would be best. It’s something that you can do at home, sure, but it’s best to learn the basics from someone that knows their job well. If you go at it too strongly or too vigorously, you risk making matters worse. 

And if you wanna do it for the pleasure side of it, well then good for you! Be sure to also inform yourself on the techniques on how best to feel anal pleasure and how best to reap the benefits of prostate massage for sexual purposes. Talk to a sex therapist, get some toys that might help you out, talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies and desires. 

Trying stuff out is good both for the body and the soul. Don’t shy away from it! 

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