Want to Spice Up Missionary Sex? Here Are 8 Ways to Do It!

Missionary sex is loved by many for a reason. It’s intimate, it’s sexy, it’s a good position for getting to the G-spot… Also, lots of skin to skin contact. But what if you want to spice up missionary a bit?

Granted, you can do a lot of stuff to your partner’s body while you’re in the missionary position: you can play with her boobs, nibble on her neck, or just kiss her like crazy. Also, we mustn’t forget maintaining eye contact as one of its biggest pros. 

However, there are some that find missionary sex boring (I personally don’t), mostly because it’s considered the most basic sex position. But basic is basic for a reason, right? It rarely fails to deliver. 

Now, there’s another problem when it comes to missionary, and it tackles women especially – the inability to orgasm solely from penetration. Women who can do this are in the minority, as I’ve mentioned through a range of articles here on my blog. And missionary makes it a bit hard to focus on the clitoris as well, so that’s kind of a downer. 

But, that’s not all there is to it. Missionary can be improved, so both of you can have the chance to enjoy it equally. 

There are a number of ways you can spice up missionary – by using toys, focusing on moving your legs more, trying different angles… Also, your wife/partner can add the wonderful touch of masturbation to it and voila! You have missionary 2.0, 3.0, 4.0… and so on, and so on. 

So, next, I suggest we see all the different takes this beloved position can handle! 

#1 Legs Over Shoulders 

One of the best ways to up your missionary game is the “legs over shoulders” position. 

Now, I have to say, it might be a good idea for your partner to do a short round of stretches before you begin. 

The idea is basically to have your partner’s legs over your own shoulders (as you probably guessed by the title). 

This is an ideal sex position for partners who want to take it slow when it comes to trying out new sex positions in the bedroom. Look at it as a small change with the potential for bringing much bigger results. 😉 

This take on the missionary position allows you to thrust more deeply into your partner. Also, if you’re the one who wants to generally be more dominant in the bedroom, this is the position to try. It gives you a sense of strength and dominance which can make the experience even sexier, for both of you. 

Bonus tip: gaze intently and wildly into your partner’s eyes as you do this. I guarantee you, it’ll add an extra element of wilderness and adventure to it. 

Legs over shoulders – but advanced 

If you are or became particularly fond of this sex position and want to take it up a notch, try an advanced version of it. 

Have your partner raise their bum somehow – a pillow is best if she doesn’t want to hold on her hands for too long. You, on the other hand, should kneel on the bed, hold your partner’s legs up, and begin thrusting. 

Another great position if you like to be the dominant one. 

#2 X Marks the Spot 

Okay, so this one is more focused on the feeling of penetration itself. So, it’s really convenient for people who get off at that particular feeling of going back and forth. 

For this, your partner will have to lie on her back and spread her legs in the form of the letter X. And you will sort of hover over them. 

Try to avoid as much skin (and touch) contact as you can, except the touching of both of your groins. Also, avoid eye contact for extra wild sexiness. 

As I said, this position puts the focus on the sole act of penetration, best for couples who like to get it off like porn stars and focus mostly on their genitals. 

#3 The Standing Ovation 

If you have a larger than average penis, and your partner occasionally (or almost always!) gets tired of deeper penetration, try this. 

It’s quite easy – all you have to do is stand while you enter your partner. And it’s such a great sex pose, you can do it on so many surfaces around your house for extra excitement. Ever tried the kitchen table? The washing machine? The bureau in the bedroom? 

#4 The Small Wonder 

On the contrary, if you have a smaller penis, or both of you just really like deep penetration, here’s one for ya. 

All you’ll need is a pillow, basically. Just put a pillow under your partner’s bum – this will help lift her hips higher or under a particular angle. 

Also, have her put her hips around your flanks, and lie closer to her. Trust me – this will really seal the deal! 

#5 Use the Power of the CAT 

Usually known as CAT, an abbreviation for coital alignment technique, it’s a type of missionary sex position that can do wonders for your partner’s clit. 

It’s what its name says it is – a sex technique where you align with your partner’s lying body. Once you put your penis inside her, lift your hips, and make sure they’re higher than hers. After you start thrusting, try to also grind your pubic bone against your partner’s clit. 

You can do different types of movements, as long as you’re inside of her. You can do circles with your hips, you can go side to side. Experiment with what feels right for both of you to maximize pleasure. 

#6 Try Sex in Front of a Mirror 

Well, mirror sex can be veeery sexy, I’ll tell you that. It’s something about that feeling of watching each other fuck that makes it super dirty and super exciting. 

Use the classic missionary position for this or any other variety of it I’ve put on this list while doing it in front of a mirror. 

I mean, sex is about being physical, of course, but it’s also about the fantasies and visual experience during sex. And mirror sex gives you an opportunity to combine all of that. 

When you’re watching each other have sex is like you’re both watching porn and participating in it, real-time. 

It can also be an intimate experience and help you get closer to your partner. This is because you get to watch both of you together having sex. It’s about watching sides of you that you usually can’t see during sex. 

#7 Toss in a Sex Toy During Missionary 

Sex toys can be such a nice helping hand in your attempt to spice up missionary sex. And you can go with almost any kind of sex toy out there: a vibrator (regular or the bullet type), a cock ring, a butt plug, a clit sucker, the magic vibrating wand, etc. 

For example, you can put a vibrator (the bullet ones are especially handy) or a vibrating egg on your partner’s clitoris while you enter them. Or you can use the wand vibrator, a beloved sex toy of many women out there. 

Cock rings are another great sex toy you can use during penetration. It’ll give you stronger and more lasting erections, and if it’s the vibrating kind, it’ll give your lady some mighty strong clitoral orgasms as well. 

If one of you enjoys anal sex, consider using a but plug as well. If both of you enjoy it, then both of you can wear it throughout the act! 

#8 Try the Kinky Kind of Missionary

BDSM it is! I mean, if all else fails, what better way to put spice into your missionary vanilla sundae than becoming a bit kinky? 

BDSM can be tricky terrain for some couples, I understand that. But after you’ve gone over the basics like consent, limits, and even safe words if necessary, you can go about and bring some of that BDSM magic into your sex life. 

You can start with some light BDSM. For example, you can use blindfolds on your partner, and/or have them tied up to the bed or wearing cuffs. You yourself can also be blindfolded if you prefer that. 

You can use wax play as well, by slowly pouring hot wax on your partner’s body. You can also use a gag-ball, a bit of spanking, and even choking (but for this you will need to do a bit of research to know how to do it right). 

Final Thoughts 

See, missionary sex doesn’t have to be as vanilla as it seems! Besides, who says vanilla is all that bad? 

Spicing up missionary sex position can bring some much-welcomed novelty in your sex life. So I suggest you do it as soon as possible. It can open up a whole new portal for introducing other sexual novelties in your life like sexual role-playing, and BDSM practices, for example. 

Don’t shy away from it! 

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