What is Post-Nut Clarity and Is It Legit?

Why the heck is this disgusting video still playing? If your post-orgasmic self has asked this question, you are likely to have experienced post-nut clarity. 

If you still haven’t heard of post-nut clarity, it is a topic that has recently been coming up more frequently in conversations about sex and masturbation. Sounds odd? Unfamiliar? Don’t despair. There is as much confusion as there is buzz surrounding the matter.

The phrase post-nut clarity was launched into existence by Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, hosts of the Call Her Daddy podcast. But, what exactly is it? And more importantly, is it legit? This article gives you all the ins and outs of the Internet’s favorite confuddling sex phenomenon.

What is Post Nut Clarity?

Urban Dictionary offers a handful of definitions on post-nut clarity. According to one interpretation, this is the “immediate clear mindedness or soberness an individual gains after orgasming.” Another one suggests that post-nut clarity is the “opening of the mind,” which happens to a man after climaxing. A different account of the post-orgasmic feeling points to “that moment after you fap when you realize just what the f**k you’ve been yanking to.” Sounds familiar?

If you haven’t experienced it yourself, it may not be easy to relate or understand what exactly it is. And, if you’ve ever been affected by someone’s post-nut clarity revelations, you might even wonder, “Is any of this for real? Or, maybe, it is simply a justification for certain sexual behavior or preferences?” Well, it seems that even those that have experienced post nut clarity can be perplexed and find it difficult to describe it.

This phenomenon is widely discussed throughout the web and popular internet sites. Reddit, in particular, is ripe with insightful post nut clarity testimonials. “It’s the difference between going to the grocery store hungry versus not hungry” is one Redditors take on describing it. Answering whether it’s for real, another Redditor wrote, “It’s real. Pre nut: This porn isn’t too disgusting, I can get off to this. Post nut: I’m an atheist, but damn I need to go to church to cleanse my soul.”, he revealed. There are even some that denounce post nut clarity altogether. “It’s fake. I’m as dumb as I was afterward as I was before.”

Post-nut clarity is subjective and can have different manifestations

The understanding of this feeling can vary between cultures. Kenja taimu (賢者タイム) is the Japanese take on what we understand as post nut clarity. The term literally translates to “philosopher’s time” or “wise man’s time” and indicates the period after an orgasm in which a man is empowered to think with true clarity.

As we saw, interpretations of post-nut clarity are often based on personal perceptions and testimonials, which adds confusion and prompts further questions.

Now that we covered the basics it’s time to move on to more intricate aspects of post nut clarity. Do men and women experience post nut clarity? And, does every individual experience it? Is there any scientific explanation for it?

When Do We Experience Post-Nut Clarity?

Post-nut clarity is definitely a post-orgasmic event that is frequently experienced after masturbation and sex. The common thread is that individuals experience an improved or heightened cognitive state. However, its displays can vary between people, and for some, it may be a negative experience.

What does post nut clarity feel like?

When people experience this after masturbation, it is usually described as a sudden feeling of awareness and consciousness, which on some occasions can be quite helpful. It can help individuals get back to their responsibilities with more sharpness or give them the focus they need to resolve a problem they’ve been working on for a while.

Experiencing post nut clarity after sex often has similar effects. For some, it can sharpen their headspace to see their partners and evaluate their relationships for what they really are, and even make life-changing decisions.

In some cases, however, individuals may experience it in a negative connotation. In this case, this phenomenon is followed by an overwhelming feeling of shame. People that experience it may feel embarrassed, as once the cold soberness kicks in, they tend to evaluate their choices (mostly of porn) with a more critical outlook. This can leave some realizing that the porn they were quite excited about just some minutes ago may be quite odd or even demeaning.

This dynamic can be explained by the fact that people tend to make irrational and untypical decisions when horny. So, an unusual choice of porn made in a strange erotic stupor may cause a feeling of discomfort and remorse once a normal mindset is restored.

Similarly, post nut clarity can bring about a feeling of instant regret for having had sex with someone. This is often the case when the decision to do the deed with someone is not a result of rational thinking, but rather it’s a decision made under the influence of extreme horniness or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Once post nut clarity returns people to their normal headspace, some may come to regret having engaged in sexual activity.

Why does it occur?

Prior to having sex (or masturbating), there is little else occupying our minds. It’s just (human?) nature. That is all we can think about, and we have a particular goal set in our minds.

We focus on unleashing this build-up before we can set our minds to do anything else. And, as we get closer to reach the point of no return, our thoughts can seem fervent and illogical.

This state of mind can affect our decision making by throwing logic out the window and making us rely on our primal reasoning. Once we orgasm, the feeling wanes, and we return to homeostasis.

What happens to the body when experiencing post nut clarity?

When we board the horny train, several biological factors join forces to drive us to the final destination – Orgasm. On the way there, we experience chemical changes in our brains.

When we start to engage in sexual activity, several elements of our bodies’ sympathetic nervous system turn on and off and ignite a chain reaction of hormones and neurotransmitters.

With the first touch, kiss, and sometimes even a look, our heart rate increases, our eyes dilate, and all digestion stops. This is the body’s natural response in anticipation of sex. At the same time, some quite interesting things happen in our brains.

More specifically, our orbitofrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for judgment and decision making, becomes less active as part of a sympathetic response. And, when sexual activity is about to start, or you’re there mentally, our brain’s judgment center shuts off. In a way, it’s like you’re on autopilot mode.

When you climax, the brain is flooded with oxytocin and dopamine, and your brain returns to normal. The lateral orbitofrontal cortex restarts, and abruptly, all your reason, logic, and decision-making skills reconcile to homeostasis. In contrast to what you felt before, it appears like you’ve reached transcendental clarity. This is the notorious “aha” moment after sex.

How does current knowledge help us understand what this phenomenon is?

The effect of orgasm on the human body and brain is very complex. Orgasms trigger various regions of the brain in ways that we do not fully understand. 

However, some studies might suggest how the release of different hormones and neurotransmitters that happens before, during, and following sex are at play to contribute to post nut clarity.

A study carried out by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania showed increased activity of the emotional center in human brains before sex. The limbic system, which is the brain’s emotional center, appeared to be more active in anticipation of sex. The study results indicate why some people may act more emotionally or even irrationally in the pursuit of sex. 

Once we orgasm, the brain releases endorphins and dopamine. Dopamine is associated with sensations of alertness and attention, while endorphins relieve anxiety and improve mood. Combined, they give off a feeling of de-stressing and confidence, and compared with the overly emotional pre-sex state, it can contribute to experiencing a feeling of being able to think more clearly.

Horniness may make things less disguisting

Another scientific study from the University of Groningen concluded that being horny makes things seem less disgusting. According to the study results, individuals are less likely to find sexual and nonsexual activities disgusting when aroused. This may suggest why we make some unusual choices in the heat of the moment and why post nut clarity can make us reassess those choices once the excitement fades away.

A study on the effect of sexual arousal on decision making has shown that sexual arousal manipulates the brain into lowering the overall threshold for things that would be a turn-off. According to the study, people are less likely to perceive the negative aspects of something when aroused. Even if people are aware of any negative aspects, they become less important in decision-making. The main conclusion here is that horny people are more likely to find an activity exciting or sexual than non-aroused.

Do women experience it?

Even though there are obvious biological differences between the two genders, men and women are quite similar when it comes to the brain. The processes we talked about in this article are, therefore, relevant to both genders. So, theoretically speaking, post nut clarity can be experienced by men and women.

Practically, however, when it comes to having sex, some factors come into play that make post nut clarity more frequent in men. In fact, an important difference between the two genders is the refractory period following sex. The fact that only men experience a refractory period, allows them that moment of relief when post nut clarity can kick in.

Another major aspect affecting the probability of experiencing it is the orgasm gap. Statistically, men have orgasms much more frequently than women, and if there’s one thing we know for certain, post nut clarity is a uniquely post-orgasmic event.

So, in order to experience post nut clarity, one must first achieve orgasm. In this respect, men are more likely to experience post nut clarity as 95% of straight men (89% of gay men) always have an orgasm during sex, compared to only 65% of straight women that orgasm during intercourse (86% of lesbian women). The numbers drop significantly for one-night-stands and hookups. About 80% of men and only 40% of women orgasm during sex outside long-term relationships.

The final verdict: Is post-nut clarity legit?

So what can we make of all this? Is post nut clarity really legit? At present, there is no comprehensive scientific research on it, and a lot of speculation online makes the topic somewhat mysterious. 

However, what we can make out from our current understanding of sex and how it influences our brains and emotions, we think there is something to it.

On top of that, post nut clarity also makes a lot of sense too. Up until the point of orgasm, we are entirely focused on sex and rely on the emotional center of our brains to guide our behavior. Once the champagne pops and we return to a normal headspace we can start to focus our thoughts on everything else that has been on our mind with post nut clarity. Some will say that this feeling is in fact sexual relief, but that too allows you to clear your head and think more about other things.

Nevermind the reason, if you’re experiencing revelations after having sex, isn’t that one more great reason to keep doing it?

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