This is about you, not us.

What do you want to know?

The Belief — Don’t Settle for The Tradeoff

There’s a common understanding that when you commit to a partner for life, your sex life inevitably dries up like that condom you kept in your wallet from freshman through junior year.

Call it Bed Death. Call it a Sexless Relationship. Or call it The Tradeoff (that’s our name for it, anyway).

Guys joke about it because they believe there’s nothing they can do. They believe The Tradeoff is a necessary exchange for other life dreams: family, commitment, career.

Here’s the thing: The Tradeoff is a myth.

You don’t have to sacrifice excitement for mundanity.
You don’t have to give up passionate sex for partnership.
You can keep the “girl” in “girlfriend” long after she becomes your wife.

You can have it all — and SexWell helps you get there

The Products — Do What Nature Intended

Spark: Natural CBD arousal Unisex oil.

The first product we created, Spark is for whom who know there’s potential to improve in every area of life, even the bedroom. Woman & Men who’d rather experiment, play, and discover than cast blame or feel shame.

OUR spark is A unique Lubrication oil that made of only natural ingreadiance: potent combo of broad-spectrum hemp extract, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon, ginger, and other botanical aphrodisiacs combine with organic MCT coconut oil for a slippery (not sticky), sensory, sexy “AF” experience & and it smells good.

We also change the nozzle of the bottle to a spray one (instead of dripper), for better sensation, easy use and a better spread of the lubrication oil.

Start your blood pumping, your bits tingling, and your imagination working before “joining” Spark to your intimacies experience . Get handsy with just a few drops of Spark and reignite your connection.

The Achievable Goal — Have Sex Well

Y’all, humanity is pretty impressive. We’ve got trains that don’t touch the tracks. We’ve built skyscrapers that defy gravity and look good doing it. Hell, we’ve been to the f***ing moon.

We have the power and the knowledge to bring more intention to long-term romantic intimacy.

So… we’re doin’ it (literally). Blaze the trail with us, why don’t you?


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