Female Erogenous Zones Beyond the G-Spot

Erogenous zones can be found all over our weirdly wonderful human bodies. Male erogenous zones, female erogenous zones… We all have them, sometimes in the same, sometimes in different areas. 

The touch receptors on our skin aren’t evenly distributed on our bodies. This means that certain areas are more sensitive to stimuli, while others are less sensitive. 

But what exactly are erogenous zones? How hard is it to find them on our bodies? Well, this depends from person to person. Some women may get aroused from almost all of the ones included in this article, while others may get aroused from only a few. 

What are erogenous zones? 

Erogenous zones are areas on the human body which are more sensitive to touch and can yield sexual responses. And did you know that they “can encompass up to 26% of the body’s surface”? 

So, when these areas are stimulated, our bodies may become sexually aroused, potentially even leading us to achieve orgasm as well. And there isn’t a fixed number of them. They can be spread out all throughout the body. Any number of spots can actually be erogenous zones when duly stimulated. 

And you know what? The etymology of the term “erogenous” is quite romantic, actually. It comes from the Greek word for love, “eros”, and the English “genous” which means producing or birthing. So yes, we’re practically talking about love-producing areas on and in our bodies! 

Unfortunately, couples seem to be stuck to one and the same spots: the neck, the pelvic area, the breasts… But there’s lots more where that came from, folks! 

And that’s why I’m going to give you an overview of the female erogenous zones beyond the G-spot. This doesn’t mean that they’re all and the same for every woman out there, so don’t take it word for word.

How can we find the erogenous zones on the body? 

There isn’t one definitive map of the erogenous zones, I’ll tell you that. As I mentioned earlier, we all have different pleasure points and preferences of touch. Our bodies have developed differently over time, which means our sensitive areas may not all be the same. And that’s okay.

The only way to find the female erogenous zones is to experiment with touching your partner’s body. But first, an even better idea is to encourage your wife/partner to try this by herself. Talk about how important it is to get to know each other’s bodies first, by yourselves. Then, you can communicate this to one another, which will definitely come as more than welcomed the next time you hit the sack. 

It’s simple – you’ll waste less time locating the pleasure spots and spend more time enjoying them! 

That being said, a little research has to be done, either way. So, what I want to do next is take a look at the vast array of female erogenous zones you might find on the female body. 

Female Erogenous Zones 

I want you to look at this article as a map, a guideline from which your journey into these pleasure areas can begin. I mean, wouldn’t it be super-exciting to go on a quest for your partner’s most intense sexual spots? 

So, let’s take a look at the female erogenous zones map and see just where you can tread! 

NOTE: I just wanted to tell you that in this article, I won’t be talking about the female erogenous zones of the genital area in much detail. By this, I mean the region of the vulva along with the clitoris, the vagina, and the G-spot. I’ve already covered them in several in-depth articles, and here I want to put the focus on other female erogenous zones that haven’t received their due attention. 

If you want to read more on the subject of female genital erogenous zones, consider the following articles:

The Head – Hair, Scalp, Ears, and Mouth

Yes, the head can also be a sexual organ, just like your lower body. Several areas on the head can really give your wife an arousing, tingling sensation throughout her whole body! (Hint: my personal favorite is the scalp.) 

The Scalp and Hair

Believe it or not, the scalp is actually a very sensitive area.

I mean, have you ever wondered why you like to put your hands in your hair so much? Or why it’s so nice when you get to brush your hair? (Granted, this goes for people with less curly hair – otherwise, it can be hell when brushing.) Where does that pleasant sensation come from? 

Well, it has to do with nerves. The scalp is filled with nerve endings. it’s no wonder it’s a part of the female (but also male) erogenous zone. 

So, what can you do the next time you set out to explore your wife’s pleasure spots? Well, you can, for starters, run your fingers through her hair. Lightly touch the scalp with the tips of your finger and your fingernails. 

Tip: keep the fingernails short so as not to scratch your lady up there. 

The areas behind her ears and above her neck are especially significant here, so pay attention to them!

Also, the hair. We all have different relationships with our hair, so you gotta ask your wife first whether she actually likes to be touched there or not. Some people, especially ones with longer hair, find it unnerving if you touch it too much. 

But otherwise, it can be very pleasant and even pleasurable. Tugging the hair can even be a form of light BDSM. Ask your wife to tell you how much she wants to be tugged (or if at all), so you can experiment with this form of sex play. 

The Ears

Ears are another sensitive spot on the head. Besides being able to register flows of really sexy dirty talk, these organs can also register touch quite successfully. 

This is because the skin on and around the ears is quite soft and sensitive. But, there’s another thing going on here as well. It’s the mixing of the senses. When you stimulate the ears, you often do it with both sound and touch. Let me tell you what I mean in detail so you can apply it on your lady as well: 

  • When I say sound, I mean using dirty talk, or any kind of language/words, pronouncing her name, nickname/pet name, loud breathing, as well as whispers. 
  • Whereas, the touch might mean anything from gently nibbling on the cartilage or earlobe to kissing, licking, or sucking it (sucking is especially nice to the earlobe, I’ll tell you that.)
  • There’s a third sensation, which is a sort of a tease and can be called the “almost touch”. It’s when you blow gently into your partner’s ear so she can feel the air from it, as well as from talking and just breathing closely to it. This can be really arousing for some. Also, the feeling of the moisture of your breath inside her ear conch can be another turn on. Just make sure not to do this too long, or it gets creepy and wet! 

Well, all of this can create a whole symphony of sensations. It’s no wonder we get horny from it!  

The Mouth (Lips)

Maybe you think this one’s more than self-evident – I mean what couple doesn’t kiss?! Well, my friends, it turns out that lots of couples actually don’t kiss. In fact, they often forgo french kissing and actually kiss only once a week. Oh, and these kisses last for like 5 seconds or less. Very discouraging data, yes. 

Kissing is very important for relationships. While there are couples who can do without it, most of us need it desperately to build and maintain intimacy. 

According to this online survey by Oxford University, “frequent kissing in a relationship was linked to the quality of a relationship”. Also, “people’s satisfaction with the amount of both kissing and sex did tally with the quality of that relationship.” 

So now you know why I included the lips in these otherwise less known erogenous zones. Kiss people! Besides, there are lots of ways to do it. 

Play with her tongue, bite her lips, suck on them, lick them,  nibble them, french kiss, give her little pecks… The list goes on and on. 

In any event, everybody has different preferences when it comes to kissing and what constitutes a good kisser. So talk about this as well, the next time you start kissing if you haven’t done it by now. 

Upper Body – the Neck, Arms, Armpits, Hands, and Breasts

Yeah, lots of erogenous zones in the upper body area. But twice, the fun right? Let’s take a look at what you can do with all these areas and send waves of pleasure throughout your wife’s body!

The Neck

The neck is an old staple here, we all know that. It’s without a doubt one of the most erogenous zones on our bodies. For some people, it might even be too sensitive at times, and so too ticklish to bear. 

But it offers lots of possibilities. You can kiss the neck area, lick it, blow on it, nibble it gently, or bite it more “ferociously” if that’s what your wife prefers. You can also suck on it. Remember the infamous hickeys? The love bites? Who can say they haven’t ended up with one, at least once in their lives? 

You can also touch it and caress it with your hands, even give her a neck massage. 

Another thing you can do is choking – a form of more advanced BDSM play. But, for this, you will need consent, boundaries, and a safe word. Also, both of you will have to be REALLY informed as to how to do it and what to do in case of an emergency. 

The Arms and Armpits 

When I think of the arms as an erogenous zone, I always think of classy ladies in 19th-century settings offering their arms to flirtatious suitors. 

Kissing the length of the arm is a centuries-long courteous tactic. But, the twist is in the inner arm and the armpits. 

I know this might not sound that sexy at first glance, but bear with me, please. It might surprise you. 

Did you know that on a symbolic level, the armpit can be considered as a surrogate for the vulva and vagina? Dark, dampish, opens and closes, is usually hidden…

In any event, the inner arm and the armpit are very sensitive spots. Along with the neck, ribs, and soles of the feet, they’re also one of the most ticklish areas of our body. 

They’re soft and gentle, and sometimes even overly responsive to our slightest touch. Some women might find their overly ticklish areas as something to avoid during foreplay or sex. But if she’s able to turn the tickling into titillation then you’ve both hit the jackpot. 

Start by touching the area of the underarm and the armpit very lightly. Run your fingers on them, or maybe use some soft object instead, like the head of a flower or feather (cliche, I know.) You can also run your tongue over it and then proceed to kiss it. 

The Hands (Palms) 

The hands or the palms are pretty sensitive areas. The same goes for the tips of our fingers (if you’ve ever played guitar, you know what I mean.) 

We do a lot with our fingers – they’re basically our most primary tool for doing everyday business in this world. And they’re also arguably the most reliable body part when it comes to the art of touching.

Touching itself is an erotic activity, when you think about it, without adding too many details to the whole thing. 

So if you want to awaken the nerves on your partner’s palm or fingers, just use your own palms and fingers. Clasp your hands together, and stroke your fingers on the inner and outer areas of her palm as well. Tickle them if she likes it. Or just hold hands, sometimes that’s also enough. 

The Wrists

To be more specific – I’m talking here about the inner wrists. These are also called “pulse points” – yeah, they’re located on the backside of your wrists where you’re able to feel yours or somebody else’s pulse. That’s also the reason why you put perfume on those spots, so they can then radiate the fragrance further.  

It’s too bad that these pulse points don’t get much action, when in fact, they’re really sensitive. 

So what you can do is try and pay attention to the inner wrist area of your partner’s hand. Caress the part with your fingers, for starters. You can also kiss it, and if you’re into vampire fetish, even suck on it a bit. 

The inner wrists can be a great starting point when it comes to foreplay. 

The Breasts

I mean probably I don’t even have to include this here because this is one of the most well-known erogenous zones. But still, there’s no harm in a bit of reminding, is there? 

The breasts and especially the nipples are a really, really sensitive area and a major body arousal zone. I mean big time. 

Consider the following study on nipple and breast stimulation, done in 2006, and published in the renowned Journal of Sexual Medicine. Three hundred and one people were interviewed, young men and women between the ages of 17-29 years old. 

The conclusion? Well, it turned out that 82% of women reported that breast and/or nipple stimulation caused or enhanced their sexual arousal. For men, that percentage is lower – 52% to be more precise, which is roughly half the men from the study. And 7-8% answered that this kind of stimulation actually decreases their arousal. 

So, what’s the conclusion from all this? I guess you could say you’re more or less on the safe side when it comes to guessing your wife’s erogenous zones, right? 

Suck on them, lick them, bite them, kiss them, squeeze them, caress them, twist your fingers clockwise, counterclockwise, put your head between them… 

You’re both feeling adventurous? Try nipple clamps and savor the sweet ecstasy of both pleasure and pain! Or use an ice cube and slide it down from her neck, around her breasts, and down towards her pelvis. 

As long as your wife’s comfortable with it, there’s plenty you can do with her boobs and nipples! 

Middle Body – the Stomach, Navel, and the Lower Back 

Okay, so now we’re getting closer and closer to the genital area, which makes the pleasure spots here all the more exciting. 

Source: Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

The Stomach and the Navel

The navel is the center of the stomach area and is also one of the most sensitive spots on our bodies. I think it’s quite obvious why – it’s a gateway to your insides, and once it was your only tether to the outside world of your mother’s womb. There’s something magical about it, isn’t it? 

Like it’s the center of the body as well. 

And you can treat this erogenous zone like the others too. You can use your tongue and lick the navel area, you can use your hands and fingers. Remember that feather from before? Or maybe use a thin spanking stick if you want to make it kinkier. 

The ice cube I mentioned will also be quite welcomed here. 

Tip: When playing around the stomach and navel area, try teasing your wife by slowly going down towards her pelvis and her vulva. And as soon as you get to their edge, go back. Tease her this way for a little while, and you’ll see how she’ll be bursting with pleasure afterward. She’ll be begging you to get your hands (and your penis) on her most sensitive genital spots! 

The Lower Back

The whole back can be considered as another highly sensitive area, but the lower back especially. 

The reason for this is the nerves located in the spine on the lower back area. Also, you’re getting closer and closer to the pelvis. And, there’s also the feeling of vulnerability that shows up in this area. 

And all of this sometimes results with only one touch being enough for your wife to feel aroused. 

So get your tools out of the box and start working! Put the engine in the tongue and lips, use your caresses and soft fingertips. Get back to that ice cube as well! 

Or, if you wanna be kinky again, use a roller, or what’s officially called the Wartenberg wheel. It’ll put a special edge on sensation play, I’ll tell you that! 

The Genital Area – the Pubic Mound, Vulva, Clitoris and G-Spot

The female genital area is a really exciting place to be! Lots of nerve endings there, and some very intense pleasure spots… Yes, I’m talking about that crown jewel, the majestic clitoris! 

As I said, I’ve covered these areas more thoroughly in my special articles listed at the beginning. So, if you wanna know the details, make sure to pay them a visit! 

Source: Healthline.com

The Pubic Mound

Also called mons pubis, this is an often neglected female genital area, probably due to the fact that it’s so close to the clitoris, so men would think “Why bother?”, right? 

What is the pubic mound? Well, you see it every time you have sex with your lady. It’s the area of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone. Located just above the vulva, it’s an important pleasure spot, playing a significant role in orgasms as well. 

Because it’s so closely connected to the clitoris and the lips of the vulva (the major and minor lips), touching and stimulating this area can bring a ton of pleasure and excitement. 

One of the things you can do is to stroke it and pull it. I don’t mean tear it away – just try tugging it gently with your hands, up and down, trying to get the clit working as well. By indirectly stimulating the clitoris as well, this might amp the pleasure even further up. 

Another thing you can do is apply pressure to the area. Different women like different intensities of pressure, so make sure to sort it out with your lady. 

You can also engage in a bit of dry humping since it puts quite a pressure on the pubic mound. Just as a way to reminisce about those good old, teenage days!  

The Vulva and the Clitoris

The vulva and the vagina shouldn’t be mixed up. The vulva consists of the external female sexual organs. As you can see from the drawing above, it has several parts. 

The clitoris isn’t the only erogenous zone of the vulva. The major and minor lips are also very sensitive and they can contribute a great deal when it comes to achieving an orgasm. 

What you can do is stroke them or squeeze them together, for example. You can also lick them, suck them, lightly graze them, use your fingers, or use a vibrator (a wand vibrator or a vibrating egg are great places to start – and finish.)  

And what can we say about the clitoris? Oh man, lots of stuff! The clit has between 6000 and 8000 nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive spots on the female body. 

And you can do with it everything you can do with other erogenous zones, like the lips or the neck. You can lick it, with long, slow brushstroke-like movements, or apply more pressure to it with your tongue. You can kiss it, suck it, stroke it with your fingers, your penis, or with a vibrator. For more on what you can do with the clit, check out The Female Orgasm Explained article. 

The Vagina and the G-spot

The vagina is an elastic, muscular tissue that’s part of the inner female genital area. The question of whether women can achieve orgasm solely through vaginal intercourse is still disputed. 

But still, it seems that some women can actually come from vagina intercourse alone. Be that as it may, ASK your wife what she likes best and what are her ways to come. Does she enjoy both clitoral and vaginal stimulation? Or something else beside it? 

Also, the female vaginal orgasm is often connected with the infamous G-spot, another mythological presence inside the female genitals. 

The purported G-spot is a small sensitive area, roughly 2-5 inches inside the vagina, on its upper wall. It can be stimulated by using the “come here” motion, which means inserting one or two fingers in the vagina and pulling them towards you. You should be able to feel a small, swollen (upon arousal) soft on the touch area. Besides being soft, though, it can also feel a bit textured, sort of like a bumpy spot. 

If you want to find out more about the G-spot, as well as how to find it and stimulate it, check out The G-Spot Explained article. 

Lower Body – the Knee, Thighs, Bum, Feet, and Toes

Yep, we’re not stopping at the stomach and the genital area, for which I have separate articles as I mentioned above. 

It seems like our whole bodies are wired for pleasure, among many other things they’re great at doing. So why not use them as best as we can? Let’s see what the lower body can give us in terms of female erogenous zones!

The Back of the Knee

Were you a bit mischievous as a child? If you were, chances are that at one point you hit people at the back of their knees, which makes them crumple down and feel like they lose balance. 

Yeah, we often forget just how sensitive the backs of our knees are. 

It is no wonder why some people are also very ticklish in that area. So, surprise your wife by showing her your mastery of her potential erogenous zones by paying attention to her knees next time. Use the roller again, if necessary, massage them, kiss them, and then proceed upwards. 

The Inner Thighs

Yeah, okay, this one’s a little more obvious than the rest of them. I love inner thighs. They’re so sensitive, so sexy, even the lightest graze and nib can set them on fire. 

Just like the boobs, they’re a playground with no end in sight! You can make as many hickeys as you want here, nobody will see em but your wife and you. You can lick em, kiss em, slide your fingers around them and tease your wife till sunrise. And then cross over to cunnilingus, why not? 

Lots of options there, my friend!

The Bum

You didn’t think I’d forget this one, did you? The bum, buttocks, butt, however you may call it, isn’t an erogenous zone, per se. However, some women do get aroused if you grab their bum during foreplay or sex. Or, if you engage in some BDSM play, for example, such as spanking. 

What is an erogenous zone here is the anus, which has a lot of nerve endings. So, if she’s into it, as a form of foreplay, you can try and stimulate your partner’s anus. If she likes butt play, in general, then you can do lots of things. You can try anilingus, fingering, using anal sex toys (like butt plugs and anal beads), and of course, you can have anal sex. And don’t forget to use lots and lots of lube during anal play! 

The Feet and the Toes 

The soles of the feet are among the top three most ticklish body areas. So, it’s no wonder that they can work as erogenous zones as well. 

If you’re a guy with a foot fetish, then this is like discovering Wonderland, isn’t it?! 

Begin with a light foot massage, increasing the blood flow in your partner’s feet, and setting the mood for arousal. 

I suggest you experiment with various pressure points and intensities and see which ones your lady likes best. Start slow and light and then gradually press deeper and harder. 

Some men like to lick their partner’s feet, especially the toes, and to suck on them. If you’re one of ‘em, go for it! Of course, if your partner’s comfortable with it too, that goes without saying. 

You can also alternate between massaging the foot and the leg up until the knee. Then you can return with a lick and stat sucking her toes one by one, slowly and intently. Make her go crazy! 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, the list of female erogenous zones goes on and on. I haven’t exhausted all of them here simply because I can’t interview all the women on this planet and ask them what their specific pleasure points are. 

But, I made sure I included ones that will fairly certainly tickle your wife’s fancy. 

In any event, and I’ve repeated this a number of times in my articles, the important thing is to experiment. Sex and pleasure are about novelty, about discovering new things about each other’s bodies and their capabilities. And, of course, about communicating all of this to each other. 

So, experiment. It’s that simple. Touch your own bodies, when you’re alone or together. Touch each other’s bodies, ask questions, be curious. You’ll learn quite a lot about touch and arousal if you test the reactions of your own bodies first. 

Our bodies are pulsating pleasure areas. And they can’t wait to be explored! 

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